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Maple Syrup Grade A by Butternut Mountain (Vermont)


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Buy Maple Syrup! Most maple syrup production has moved north to Canada. However, Butternut Mountain Farm has remained passionately committed to preserving the storied tradition of Vermont maple syrup. Involved from ‘tree-to-table,’ Butternut Mountain manages numerous acres of Vermont forests – their own and that of area land owners – in effort to produce some of the highest quality, best tasting maple syrup on the planet. Conventional maple syrup is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and synthetic vanilla flavoring – in some cases coming from beavers; yes the ones that build those clever dams. Fortunately, this superbly sweet syrup is loaded with nothing but 100% Natural Vermont Maple Syrup when you Buy Maple Syrup from Butternut Mountain Farm.

Suggestions: When you Buy Maple Syrup, drizzle it on pancakes, French Toast, and even on a salty seared Foie Gras. For those who are lactose intolerant, try it in oatmeal as an alternative to milk.


About Butternut Mountain Farm

Butternut Mountain Farm has built its reputation on quality products, timely service, and fair and competitive prices. Their buying practices sustain local working forests and farmers; ensure traceability of product, and provide a clear chain of custody of the raw ingredients.

“The Marvin family has been deeply involved in the science, art, and practice of maple sugaring and the Vermont Maple Industry since the 1940’s. A legacy and heritage we’re proud to carry forward as the next generation. Our story has become greater than that of just our own family. It extends to all those with whom we work – the sugarmakers that supply us, the customers whom we supply, and the Butternut Mountain Farm crew. Their stories are the story of Butternut Mountain Farm and we’re grateful for all that they’ve done to help to make us who we are.”  -Emma and Ira Marvin

“With his innate sense of discovery and expertise in botany, our grandfather, Dr. James Wallace Marvin, a research professor, dedicated his career to understanding the mechanism of sap flow in sugar maple trees. A practical man, it’s no surprise his work led to the creation of the tubing and vacuum systems commonly used today in sap harvest. By co-founding the Proctor Maple Research Center and the Vermont Maple Industry Council, our family’s stewardship of maple began.

The methodical approach and rigor applied in our grandfather’s research carries through into what we do today. Whether testing out the latest in maple sugaring equipment, evaluating new processing equipment, or developing new products, we believe that it’s the little things that make a difference.

Vermont pride informs our team’s culture. It drives every one of us to consistently deliver the best maple products and the highest level of customer service. Butternut Mountain Farm is, indeed, a family business…a family that has blossomed to over 80 employees, hundreds of farmers and thousands of customers.”  -Emma and Ira Marvin

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