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Handmade Blinis (France) 16 Per Pack


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Originally from Russia, blini are leavened with yeast, and their 1.5 inch diameter make them well suited for delicate hors d’oeuvres. Most popular with Crème Fraîche, caviar, smoked salmon, and a number of other tasty toppings. When you Buy Blinis, this French delicacy will add a splash of sophistication and enjoyment to any dinner party!

Suggestions: Buy Blinis when you order caviar to save on shipping. Blinis are essentially little pancakes, and many people like to make them fresh at home. If you would like to make them homemade, we suggest our Organic Craft Flour from Central Milling. If using these pre-made blinis, we suggest lightly toasting them, and then allow them to fully cool before topping; this will remove excess moisture.

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