Black Garlic by Black Garlic North America – 2 Bulbs


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Buy Black Garlic! Featuring a molasses-like richness, black garlic is both sweet and savory with tangy undertones. Similar to a soft dried fruit, this black garlic has a dense supple texture that can be sliced or spread. Grown on Jeju Island in South Korea, conventional garlic heads are warmed in humidified ovens for about three weeks, which darkens the color, removes the spice, and boosts anti-oxidants. After fermentation, the garlic is slowly cooled for an additional week to yield an exotic balsamic-like flavor.

When you Buy Black Garlic, serve thin slices of it with fish or steak. Try it in pasta with asparagus or peas. Also, you can blend it in a blender with Merula Olive Oil, salt, and a white vinegar to make a dressing for fish, meats, and salads.

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