Blackberry Merlot Sauce/ Dark Cherry Zinfandel Sauce by Sonoma Sauces 9oz



Dark Cherry Zinfandel Sauce:

Our Dark Cherry Zinfandel sauce can be used with almost anything!  From meat to desserts.  Try it as a drink mixer or with stuffed french toast.  It can even be cooked in a slow cooker.  This wine based sauce has whole dark cherries and is safe for all ages.

Ingredients: Bing Cherries, Zinfandel Wine, Sugar, Orange Juice, Orange Zest & Spices.

Blackberry Merlot Sauce:

Universal wine based sauce with whole blackberries.  Maybe thin so it can be used for a drink mix or cooked for hours in a slow cooker. Try it in desserts, meats, drinks, pancakes, oatmeal, french toast and SO much more.

Ingredients: Blackberries, Merlot Wine, Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla Flavor.

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Blackberry Merlot Sauce, Dark Cherry Zinfandel Sauce