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In the absence of fresh truffles, Buy Truffle Butter for its versatility and convenience. Developed over many years in collaboration with professional chefs, we think this truffle butter is the best vehicle to create a classic black truffle flavor, short of actual fresh black truffles. In fact, a number of our customers like this Truffle Butter better than using our Truffle Oil. Both are great products, though we believe the application ultimately determines the choice.

Suggestions: Buy Truffle Butter for dishes that will benefit from butter, like popcorn or scrambled eggs, melt into sauces, or mix with mashed potatoes.

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About Black Truffles

Relative to the White Winter Truffle, all Black Truffles are newcomers on the evolutionary stage. White Truffles lack a protective skin called a gleba, making them susceptible to drought and pest such as Truffle flies. This means species of White Truffles are often constrained to tight geographic locations and have thus far eluded commercial cultivation. Black Truffles have evolved to have a protective gleba with a hard polygonal texture that keeps moisture in and bugs out. This skin has allowed species of Black Truffles to grow naturally throughout a larger range and to be cultivated around the world.

Black truffle butter contains pieces of Tuber indicum or Himalayan Black Truffles, which are quite mild. Because black winter truffles, Tuber melanosporum are usually around $600-$800 a pound (lb). Black truffle butter gains most of its flavor from the same truffle aroma developed for use in truffle oil. We use a European-styled butter as our base that contains 83% butter fat verses the standard of 79-80%. Lastly, a bit of coarse sea salt to provide an occasional flavorful crunch.


Our company began in 1998 as and focused on providing chefs and home gourmets with fresh truffles. We hope you enjoy one of our original specialties!

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