Worcestershire Sauce by Bourbon Barrel Foods (100ml)


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Their Best Worcestershire Sauce is made with fermented wheat, sorghum, soy, tamarind, and their own blend of spices. Not only is it amazingly savory, it is also fully vegetarian.

The Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce is a unique take on the traditional all-purpose seasoning. A finalist for the 2016 Good Food Award, they developed a sauce that utilizes the flavors of Kentucky’s Bourbon country. It’s sweetened with sorghum, blended with pure Kentucky limestone spring water, and mellowed in bourbon barrels that were used to age some of the Bluegrass State’s finest Bourbons. It is all-natural and vegetarian, as it contains no anchovies.

Try Worcestershire Sauce on eggs, in a bloody Mary, and especially in a burger! We suggest you try Piedmontese Tomahawk Steak with this great sauce.

Bourbon Barrel Foods has borrowed the concept of aging in toasted oak that has made whisky great for so long and applied the same concept to different condiments. They use barrels that held Kentucky’s finest whisky (because all bourbons by law must be aged only in a new oak barrel) and lets those flavors of charred wood, vanilla, and all sorts of nutty goodness permeate into their sauces. At this time we are bottling the Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire sauce ourselves, so the label looks different than pictured. But you can expect same great product.

Contains wheat and soy

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