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Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Spain) 500ml


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What makes the Best Spanish Olive Oil? Over the years, we have received almost a thousand samples of olive oils. As consumers, we are all lucky to have so many amazing options for extra virgin olive oil. We find that many high-end olive oils tend to compete for the most bold, spicy, green flavor, and aroma. Its profile is great on its own, with bread, on fish, or with many other applications. To stand out, an olive oil must be made with attention to detail. Currently used by eight restaurants around the world, boasting three Michelin stars, Marques de Valdueza is an award-winning blend of Arbequina, Hajiblanca, Picual, and Marisca Spanish olives. Arbequina and Hajiblanca provide spice with the aroma of cut grass; Picual adds a buttery mouth feel while Marisca is a rare olive only grown in Extremadura, which gives the oil its unique identity with traces of almonds, fruit, grass, and a hint of spice. The Marisca is a low yielding olive that imprints the town’s identity on this olive oil. Considering there are thousands of olive varietals around the world, we appreciate a producer that embraces their local cultivars. Single varietal may be a good idea for wine or chocolate but not truly for olive oil. Marques de Valdueza only pick their olives at the optimal ripeness and might pick the same trees several times. These olives are crushed onsite within minutes of being picked. The oil extraction is contained in a system under vacuum without oxygen continuously till the oil is bottled. For this reason, bottles of Marques de Valdueza have been opened years after its production and still won awards. For all of these reasons, we feel Marques de Valdueza is one of the Best Spanish Olive Oil.

Suggestions: Drizzle over grilled Sea Bass by Veta la Palma or make a quick exceptional salad dressing by whisking with Lambrusco Vinegar.

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