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Silicone Spoon Spatula by OXO


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The Best Silicone Spatula is by OXO! It’s tough and flexible, for scraping, mixing, and scooping.

The Silicone Spatulas surpass ordinary rubber spatulas, staying flexible longer without discoloring or melting. Silicone is easy to clean, heat resistant, and safe for non-stick cookware. The soft, non-slip handles are cushioned for comfort as you cook, stir, or scrape.

The Best Silicone Spatula can be stored in one of our Utensil Holder Enamaled Cans for an innovative, organized look.

About OXO
OXO is a manufacturer of kitchen utensils, office supplies, and housewares based in New York City.

More than 25 years ago, Sam Farber noticed his wife Betsey was having trouble comfortably holding her peeler due to arthritis. This got Sam thinking: why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can’t there be wonderfully comfortable, easy-to-use tools?

Sam saw an opportunity to create more thoughtful cooking tools that would benefit all users and promised Betsey that he would create a better peeler.

In 1990, after extensive research, hundreds of models and dozens of design iterations, the first 15 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools, including the now iconic peeler, were introduced to the US market. These ergonomically-designed, transgenerational tools set a new standard for the industry and raised the bar of consumer expectation and performance.
Sam Farber chose the name “OXO” because whether it’s horizontal, vertical, upside down, or backwards, it always reads “OXO.”
OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. They study people—lefties and righties, male and female, young and old—interacting with products and identify opportunities for meaningful improvement. Their thoughtful, “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail uncover the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks.
OXO was founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible. Today, OXO offers 1,000+ products covering many areas of the home, all created based on this principle. The company has been recognized globally as an example of how a well-executed Universal Design philosophy not only creates products that are beneficial to end users but is also a sensible business model.
Their products have won numerous design awards and are included in the permanent collections of many museums worldwide.

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