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Cepa Vieja Sherry Vinegar by Vinagre de Jerez (Spain) 500ml


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Produced in Cadiz, Spain, where crafting the Best Sherry Vinegar is a tradition (much like balsamic in Modena), this Cepa Vieja (old vines) with its deep rich flavor and mellow 7% acidity is a favorite of top chefs. Cultured from a ‘mother’ vinegar 90 years in the making, Cepa Vieja is aged over decades in the criaderas tradition using a series of oak barrels – some as many as 50-years-old – to produce a mouth-watering vinegar. Following the tradition, the barrels or cacks are stored in “bodegas” where the temperature is maintained year round by opening and closing windows and spaying the sand floors with water.

Suggestions: Use it on garden salads, pasta salads, and fruit. Make a simple salad dressing by whisking Cepa Vieja, our Best Sherry Vinegar with Marques de Valdueza, a spectacular Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

From the Artisan:
The depth and complexity of this vinegar is a result of the time honored tradition of utilizing the solera method of aging. The process begins with the harvest of Palomino grapes grown near Jerez, Spain and a series of barrels called criaderas. Each criadera contains vinegars with similar flavor characteristics but have been aged for different lengths of time. When the solera–the barrel with the oldest vinegar–is tapped for bottling, it is never fully drained. Instead, the remaining vinegar is then blended with vinegar from the next younger criadera, and so on, through the series of bottles until the youngest is topped off with fermented must.

Renowned wine maker Fernando T. De Terry y Galarza founded Vinagres de Yema in 1991 after he was fortunate enough to procure that collection of ancient sherry vinegar barrels mentioned earlier. With a stroke of luck like that, —after retiring from family wine making that dates back to 1750— what could Terry do but get back in the sherry business? But instead of crafting sherry wine, this time he found himself in the business of making the Best Sherry Vinegar.

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What is sherry vinegar used for?

Sherry vinegar is made from sherry, a fortified wine made in Spain uses the solera structure of blending where different sherry barrels from different years are blended so the final product is a mixture of older sherry and young sherry. It is extremely similar to how rums and brandy are produced. One of the top way to use sherry vinegar is to include a pretty acidity to a dish you are preparing that might need it. It would not make ineffective the food like some vinegar can but a few drops can make a increase with taste.

What is similar to sherry vinegar?

Best substitutes for sherry vinegar are:

  • Champagne Vinegar
  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Lemon / Lime Juice

How do you make sherry vinegar?

It is easy to make sherry vinegar if you have 3 essential ingredients: spring water, sherry, and vinegar starter. The starter can be either the other, the unpasteurized vinegar from an earlier batch, or a commercial liquid known as mycoderma aceti.

What's sherry vinegar?

This is a vinegar produced with Sherry, a white wine manufactured from grapes grown close to the town of Jerez in Spain prepared with brandy. You will generally view the description of Vinagre de Jerez on bottles. Vinegar has a lifetime at least 6 months. Bottles showed with vinagre de Jerez reserva are aged minimum of 2 years.

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