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Freeze-Dried Spanish Saffron Threads (1 g)


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What makes this the Best Saffron in the world? The scale used for measuring saffron’s flavor and aroma traditionally peaked at 190 points. Our freeze-dried product averages 235 points. The reason being that the scale was originally designed when the only method of drying involved blowing air over the saffron until it cured. This is still the standard method. When this is done, aroma and flavor is lost along with moisture. Today, we have the ability to freeze-dry where no aroma, flavor, or pigment is lost, only the moisture is removed. Freeze-dried saffron is actually lighter than traditional saffron because it contains less water. You will notice that our saffron appears voluminous compared to the standard quality. Though our saffron may be among the most expensive, we believe it is the best value because of its purity and strength.

Approximately 150,000 Crocus sativus flowers must be hand plucked to yield 1 kilogram of saffron. Of this, only 50 grams will be chosen for our select extra quality. Spain accounts for only about 5 percent of today’s production, but we believe they continue to produce the world’s Best Saffron. The people of La Mancha Spain have a long history with this spice. During years of plenty, their population is known to hoard saffron in the walls of their houses, like opulent insulation. Then, during years of scarcity, they will reveal the stored saffron to sell at a higher price.

Saffron looses aroma in its first year but is considered to improve in flavor over the first 1-2 years, before declining in potency after 3-4 years. Some of the best saffron crops have been those which benefited from the aroma of fresh saffron mixed with the intensified flavor of aged saffron from previous harvests.

Suggestions: Use saffron in traditional recipes, like paella with our Bomba Rice or try creative uses, like garnish on a cocktail, mocktail, or in health smoothies.

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