Best Aged Balsamic
Best Aged Balsamic

Balsamic Aged Since 1998 by Steve Darland (New Mexico)


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Aged: 21-year Cask-Aged Traditional Balsamic

We believe this is the Best Aged Balsamic because Monticello is the only balsamic producer located in the desert where humidity is 1/3 that of Modena. Low humidity hastens the maturation of flavor and viscosity, while preserving aromatics. Once the bottle is open, the aroma of dried fruits and wood envelope the senses. Made from organic Trebbiano grapes, this Darland Balsamic would challenge any aceto balsamico produced in Modena and Reggio Emilio, where this condiment dates back to the Middle Ages. Fermented in barrels, hand-crafted by a family in Modena with a 600-year tradition, this Balsamic has a sweet, viscous, and very concentrated flavor.

Suggestions: Because this is our Best Aged Balsamic, we encourage you to taste this first on a pearl or plastic spoon. It will get lost on salads. Instead, try on fruit, cheeses (drizzle over fresh warm mozzarella), or even atop a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It is easy to make in about 20 minutes with Cagliata Curd by Caputo Brothers Creamery.


From the Artisan:
Only a maximum of 1000 bottles are available for purchase each year. Each bottle is dated and hand numbered in sequence. Once the year’s inventory is sold – it’s gone, and the next bottling isn’t until the following year’s harvest.

We founded and operate a group of tiny organic farms in the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains in the historic New Mexico village of Monticello, where the population is fewer than 25 people. It is stunningly quiet. The air is clean and clear. Cell phones don’t work here.

When we began our land was fallow, and we make every effort to respect and nourish the land we cultivate, as do other small surrounding organic farms and grass-fed beef and bison ranches nearby. Our water supply is strictly from our own wells. We never use herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful sprays, amendments, or practices. Here, hand tending of plants and gardens nearly always trumps mechanization.


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