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Aleppo Pepper (Syria) 5oz


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The flavor of Aleppo Pepper could be described as spicy sun-dried tomato. Once Aleppo Peppers are ripe, they are slightly dried, seeded, then crushed or coarsely ground. The flakes of this pepper are mild when compared to most crushed pepper containing seeds, which may alter the true pepper’s flavor.

The name Aleppo comes from an old city in Syria along the Silk Road, which connected China and India with the cities along the Mediterranean Sea. Today, most Aleppo Peppers are grown in Turkey. The spice has become popular because it is very similar to Piment D’Espelette, but Aleppo is one quarter the price.

Suggestions: Try using Aleppo Peppers in place of chili flakes on pizza and pasta; it will soon be a favorite. If you make fresh pizza, use Organic Extra Fancy Durum (Semolina) Flour from Central Milling. If making pasta, try our favorite Egg Pasta by Spinosi.

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