Brett Ottolenghi transforming the food system

Brett Ottolenghi doesn’t carry whole ham legs through casinos anymore. His quest to purify the American diet has expanded from restaurant plates to the political arena and Florida’s lionfish-infested waters alike. Not content to be a purveyor of artisanal, sustainable foods, he has become a producer and tenacious advocate who still finds time for related adventures …  < Read more >


January 9, 2016

A great chef celebrates incredible ingredients at Artisanal Foods Cafe

Tucked away in an industrial park south of McCarran, Brett Ottolenghi peddles his wares at Artisanal Foods. As one of the Valley’s foremost high-end culinary distributors, […]
January 9, 2016

Piedmontese Truffle and Foie Burger with Duck Fat Fries Chef Johnny Church