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Fruite Noir by Castelas (France)

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This French Olive Oil is the only non-extra virgin olive oil we carry, and for a very good reason; Fruite Noir breaks all of the rules with its fusty flavor. “Fusty” is the word used to describe the flavor that disqualifies this oil from being called Extra Virgin. Regardless of designations, Fruite Noir is one of our favorite and most interesting olive oils. In the Coufi tradition from Provence, green olives are purposefully allowed to ferment for 3-5 days after harvest in the absence of oxygen to dissipate the polyphenols; thus revealing the olive’s hidden flavors of creamy black olive with a hint of black truffle. When fresh Black Truffles are in season, this French Olive Oil is our favorite paring on pasta or eggs. We appreciate the pioneering spirit that led to the creation of this olive oil. Most high-end olive oils aim to be the most bold, green, and spicy. These are great for some applications, but a bold olive oil will overpower most dishes and is a repetitious flavor, if used to dress a lettuce salad. For this reason, you may find Fruite Noir to be the most versatile olive oil in your collection. For health, we suggest never using olive oil with high heat, only warm to cold application.


From the Artisan:
A member of the Oleceae family, and known by the Latin name of Olea europea L sativa, it thrives in our Mediterranean climate. It is a rustic plant, able to withstand the brutal Mistral wind and content in the chalky soils of the sun-soaked foothills of Les Alpilles.

It is an indomitable, food-giving warrior. It is also eternal, never looses its leaves, and is able to regenerate from its own roots. One of its main qualities is being able to withstand the trials inflicted by Mother Nature. In Provence, every senior citizen can recall the terrible freeze of February 1956, which struck down the olive trees in the Vallée des Baux de Provence.

You can identify the rare survivors by their single, knotty and highly-developed trunk. All the other trees were cut off at the base. The four, five, or six charpentières, or main branches, have grown back, and all belong to the same root system.

Centuries ago, the olive tree found its homeland in Provence and has thus enhanced, the beauty of a landscape celebrated the world over.

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