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Freeze-dried Porcini Mushrooms by The Truffle Market 3oz



Among the most flavorful mushrooms are truffles, morels, chanterelle, and porcini. Buy porcini to keep them available in your pantry year round, so you have them when needed. But not just normal dried porcini, once reconstituted, Freeze-dried Porcini are the next best thing to fresh. Unlike conventionally dried Porcini, which take 15-20 minutes to soak, these freeze-dried mushrooms almost immediately take in moisture. Arguably better than frozen in texture and flavor these mushrooms can even be seared.

Tasty in soups, stuffing and sauces, you can even sear them on the grill for ultimate flavor. For a quick amazing pasta simmer these porcini in butter and cream with parmigiano cheese and pour over Spinosi Papardelle.

Tip: 1.5 oz. of freeze-dried mushrooms equals about 12 oz. of fresh. 

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