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Frozen Foie Gras Slices by La Belle Farms (NY) 1.3 lbs


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World-renowned as a delicacy in French cuisine, foie gras (fatted liver) comes from the Moulard duck. Buy foie gras slices to keep in your freezer for your next foie emergency! These 2oz medallions of Foie Gras comes from La Belle Farms in Sullivan County, which feeds their ducks a diet of 100% corn to yield a sweet luscious flavor. Individually-wrapped frozen slices allow for the convenient use of one serving size at a time. The low amount of protein in corn means that the foie taste very clean and doesn’t contain any large veins to remove. To ensure an animal-friendly environment, feeders are assigned groups of ducks to raise and form relationships with so they stay together for the duck’s entire life. The tube used for gavage is made completely smooth and as small as possible. Gavage is the two week feeding that fattens the duck’s liver at the end of their life. When we have observed this process the ducks appear to be excited to be fed rather than creating commotion that one would expect from a duck in discomfort. La Belle Farms takes steps to assure these ducks live better than most farmed animals. Buy foie gras from American farms that prioritize animal welfare.  There certainly are farm around the world that produce foie gras in unfortunate conditions. The Artisanal Foods’ mission is to help chefs choose ingredients that are sustainable, nutritious, and produced responsibly. For this reason we provide foie gras from two farms we feel lead the industry in animal welfare.

Serve on French toast, or sear and serve with lean meats. Heavily season the foie with salt then drizzle with maple syrup. To sear simply place a slice in a hot (not burning hot) pan. Cook for about 1 minute per side if starting from room temperature. To assure a picture perfect crust you can coat the foie in flour with salt and pepper prior to searing. Professional chefs consider this cheating but who cares, it looks perfect every time.

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Slices apx. 1.3lbs/bag

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