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 Buy Creme Fraiche! This classic, French-style, cultured cream has a refreshing bright flavor with an appealing tart edge. Like yogurt made from creme, Crème Fraîche never curdles while cooking. A basic pantry item in French kitchens, it has become a popular ingredient used by fine cooks in many cuisines.

When you Buy Creme Fraiche, pour over fruit, whip into soups, or stir into sauces. It works well as the foundation for many desserts and dessert sauces. This creme fraiche will pair well with Oscietra Caviar by Caviar Galilee.

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About Crème Fraîche

Crème fraîche is a soured cream containing 10–45% butterfat and having a pH of around 4.5. It is soured with bacterial culture, but is less sour than U.S.-style sour cream, and has a lower viscosity and a higher fat content.

Crème fraîche is produced by adding a starter culture to heavy cream and allowing it to stand at an appropriate temperature until thick. The culture is made up of a mix of bacteria including Lactococcus species L. cremoris, L. lactis, and L. lactis biovar diacetylactis. This is what gives it the taste that distinguishes it from similar dairy products like sour cream.

In some places in Europe, the fat content of crème fraîche is regulated, and it may not contain ingredients other than cream and starter culture. In North America and the UK, products labeled “low-fat crème fraîche,” with about 15% butterfat and with added stabilizers such as xanthan gum or maize/corn starch are commercialized. It is less stable when heated.

Crème fraîche is used both hot and cold in French cuisine. It is often used to finish hot savory sauces; with its fat content greater than 30%, curdling is not a problem. It is also the basis of many desserts and dessert sauces.

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